Star Wars Rogue One Bladebuilder Spin-Action Lightsaber

$49.99 $25.99

Hey Mom…grab this while it’s 50% Off! This item is a must have for any Star Wars enthusiast. Makes a perfect gift. Get it before the sale ends! Perfect for ages 4 and up.

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Take this lightsaber for a spin! Turn to the dark side with the Star Wars Bladebuilder Spin-Action Lightsaber and prepare to do battle against the Resistance fighters with just a flick of the wrist, or use the included lightdagger for close combat.

Defend from every angle with the 360-degree spinning connector lightsaber hilt that sets this Bladebuilders lightsaber apart from any other!

The Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber lets you become a true hero of the dark side with an included Lightsaber, lightdagger, and a unique spinning accessory!

Combine the Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber with other lightsabers in the Bladebuilders collection and imagine the thrill of battle for the dark side! Spinning hilt measures approximately 9 1/2-inches in diameter, larger lightsaber measures 22-inches, and mini-lightsaber measures 6-inches. Ages 4 and up.

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