“You Should Be Here!”

If you know anything about Cole Swindell, then you know the significance of this song. Fortunately millions of his fans do. And we needed to reach out to those passionate fans to execute a promotion wherein we only had 48 hours to get it done. And we used Facebook to make it happen. Here’s how it went…and remember, this was in just 48 hours on a brand new page without an existing fan base on the page. So we had to rely solely on Facebook to generate the buzz. But we weren’t at all concerned as we knew we could personally connect with his fans, wherever they might be.  And we were right!
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How Was It Executed?

We used a video marketing strategy that was designed to QUICKLY grow a very targeted Custom Audience and a large, yet geographically precise, Lookalike Audience. What makes the results of this promotion so significant is that it was limited to just 48 hours from start to finish and it was directed to a market of people who reside within 50 miles of Wilmington, North Carolina.  We used a combination of front facing video and “dark posts” directed at other targeted audiences compiled from various interests. Here’s a screenshot of the video post. Pretty simple eh? The magic comes in the back end targeting and Facebook advertising strategy.

Takeaway Learned?

We were challenged to drive substantial traffic and engagement in a very, very, short period of time. Most agencies need weeks and sometimes months to execute promotions such as these. We confirmed that we can “out engage” just about any brand property, ESPECIALLY on a local level, with our Facebook ads strategy. And the best part of it all, is that with our precise targeting and high levels of engagement, we obtain higher conversions at a lower cost!

 Facebook Products Used In This Promotion

  • Geo-Targeted Custom Audiences
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Conversions
  • Video (1250×1250)
  • Facebook Messenger Automation
  • Auto-to-Manual Bidding Sequencing